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Who ISN’T a fit for our services?

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

It might strike you as an odd angle for a marketing blog article but an important part of knowing who a good fit for our software and services is knowing who ISN’T.

Over the years we have honed our listening and evaluation skills to become equally adept at identifying who won’t benefit from our solution and who will.

No System of Record

If your organization does not have a system of record, this does not automatically rule you out. But if you do not have a desire for a system of record, that is entirely a different thing. Our data flow needs to have a definitive source the client controls. This tells us who is and isn’t eligible for benefits, who is or isn’t authenticated for access, what data is correct. We have managed to serve as the system of record in the absence of one, but if an employer does not see value in it, our services are not a good fit.

No Problem with Paper

We like to solve problems that are…problems. Technology for technology’s sake isn’t our style. If paper is working in your world and you see no reason to replace it…we agree with you. There are enough problems to solve in the world without us inventing new ones. If it works for you, stay the course.

Rule Haters Unite

We do not love rules either, but computers need them to function. If your business is an “exceptions are the rule” kind of place, it can be very difficult to code a computer with the flexibility to manage it. If there is a range of exceptions, that’s quite different than decision making based on the day of the week or the flavor of the hour. We do not judge why businesses might look that way. But we know it won’t make our back-end computer happy.

Employees Are not Computer Literate

It may be hard to believe for some of us, but not everyone in equally computer literate. While we would argue that ACCESS to a computer or smartphone is different that literacy, certainly the notion of self-service hinges on the idea that employees can take care of their benefit enrollment and data independently. While we have clients, who manage all the transactions for their employees and do not provide access to their Employee Portal, their reasons for doing so are not around computer literacy. We try to keep workflow and language simple and straightforward on our site, but it does require a base amount of technology familiarity.

We understand that online benefit management isn’t for everyone. Every employer has a unique circumstance and the decision to move to an online platform must be made within the context of YOUR business. We are a bit biased…we think MOST employers can benefit…but always be sure it fits your business needs.

Is your company a good fit?

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