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About Us


Benelogic was an idea on a napkin three years before it ever existed. 


Benelogic’s CEO, Matthew Oros, was a broker with an upset client; Benelogic’s President, Christine Miki, was a frustrated benefits administrator for a large tech company with a global workforce. Working together, they designed and developed the first web-based enrollment system either company had ever seen in the late 90’s. The next year, they refined the design and built a new system. While this effectively solved the high-volume issue of enrolling benefits for a globally distributed workforce, there were still issues. The technology was fine. The backend processes weren’t working.


On a flight to a benefits open enrollment meeting across the country, Matthew and Christine were talking about how to fix a broken process for all employers. Matthew asked, “How would you fix it?” In response, Christine took his cocktail napkin and drew the workflow that would become Benelogic.


Benelogic was founded on the idea that solutions can be simple, logical, and elegant. We build solutions where Benefits and Logic meet – hence Benelogic. We continue to embody the idea that benefits administration should be far easier than it is and that solutions should make everyone’s life easier. We are committed to constant improvement and we are open to new and creative ways of doing things. We are focused on solving our clients’ problems, finding that treating people respectfully, listening carefully and interacting with open and honest communication gets us all the best outcome. Our products, services, and processes continue to change, improve, and evolve over time, but our founding values remain the same.



Those that thrive at Benelogic are dynamic and passionate.  If you live and breath performance, revel in results, and gleefully jump feet first into new challenges, you will fit right in. We’re enthusiastic about what we do and the value that we bring to our clients. A position on the Benelogic team is not a job, it’s a calling.

We are currently hiring for the following position/s:

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Our Team

Our Executive Team

Matthew Oros

Chief Executive Officer

Matthew disrupts the status quo by approaching problems with a straightforward, logical perspective. He is as fascinated with technology innovations as he is attracted to simple, obvious, and elegant solutions.  Matthew continues to inspire his company to always seek ways to be better for our clients. 

Christine Miki


Christine is personally and professionally driven by “why”.  Her vast knowledge, process savvy, and relentless commitment to understanding “the why” allows her to guide Benelogic towards providing high-value, high-quality outcomes for clients and their employees.   

John Noppenberger

Vice President, Software Engineering

John is a results-oriented leader. His exceptional problem-solving skills are a constant driver for improvement of Benelogic’s software process and procedures.  John approaches every challenge with serious focus and determination which leads to quick and effective solutions for our clients. 



portrait of a Payroll Manager at a Health and Human Services Organization

"I can honestly say this year's open enrollment was the BEST we've had. The employee selections in your system were verified against the file as well as the rates between Benelogic and our payroll system. There were no errors! 

Payroll Manager

Health and Human Services Organization

Portrait of a Bursar at a State University

"My group is not your usual group so providing service and understanding our needs is difficult at best. Your client service team quickly developed an awareness of our special needs and was proactive in responding to our unique challenges.

Portrait of a

"Benelogic did an excellent job of getting us through another OE. Responses are always quick, especially to our questions as our site was developed. You helped us think and work through the changes required to bring a new voluntary product on board. I appreciate the fact that the Benelogic team adheres to the project timeline and keeps us posted with status updates.

Benefits Specialist

State University


State University

Woman with Grey Scarf
Portrait of a President of a Large Insurance Wholesaler 

"Benelogic's electronic enrollment model is the future of benefits administration. We've seen a lot of companies who purport to do what they do, but really don't deliver. Our larger customers are seeking out electronic enrollment systems and we are confident that Benelogic will meet their needs.


Large Insurance Wholesaler 

Portrait of a HR Coordinator for a National Sales and Marketing Company

"I could not be more pleased with how smoothly our open enrollment went and the help of the entire Benelogic team who assisted in pulling it together. Kudos to you for the quick turnaround, professionalism, and leadership.

HR Coordinator

National Sales and Marketing Company

Portrait of a Senior Consultant for a National Benefits Consulting Firm

"Benelogic did an outstanding job getting our client up and running in time for open enrollment, meeting every target date and deadline. The response time on issues that came up was great. Our client couldn’t be more pleased.

Senior Consultant

National Benefits Consulting Firm

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