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An image depicting multiple Human Resource employees sitting teaming in a office at computers using Benelogic Manage and it’s online tools to oversee new hire enrollments, open enrollment, and online status change requests.
The Benelogic Manage logo with trademark symbol

You're in the driver's seat.

Benelogic Manage™ gives you the online tools to oversee new hire enrollments, open enrollment, and online status change requests instantly. Your employees have year-round access to a secure platform that houses their benefit elections, coverage details, and general benefit plan information. Benelogic Manage™ lets you work smarter, so you can focus on delivering the right the right the right time.

  • Year-round access to Employee and Human Resource Portals

  • Online life event change management

  • High visibility of key progress statistics

  • Employee benefit decision support

  • Plan-specific data validation

  • Secure, on demand access to ongoing enrollment data


To learn more about Benelogic Manage™ request a demo today.

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