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Photo of a Benelogic systems engineer in a server room performing a systems check with a laptop to insure secure, trackable data exchange of carrier files.
The Benelogic Deliver logo with trademark symbol

Secure. Fast. Out of your hands.

Benelogic Deliver™ handles data exchange to lighten your workload. Data exchange is a critical support activity, but it's a lot of work to do right and it takes up valuable resources in HR or IT. While benefit data exchange isn’t your core business, it is ours. 

  • Manage custom vendor and carrier codes

  • Secure, trackable data delivery

  • HIPAA 834-compliant transactional or full files

  • Leverage existing carrier and vendor relationships

  • Robust process tracking with discrepancy management

  • Secondary layer of data validation/audit to improve data quality before delivery


To learn more about Benelogic Deliver™ contact us today.

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