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We Win By Losing

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

For the past six weeks, nearly half the staff at Benelogic transformed their quality of life by modifying their diets and improving their fitness abilities. As participants in the Maryland Athletic Club’s (MAC) Corporate Fit Challenge, they were provided support, structure and motivation, not only by MAC fitness and nutritional professionals, but by one another.

The hard work and dedication paid off with impressive results. These include a combined

  • 106 pound weight loss

  • 66 inches of body mass lost

  • 27.3% of body fat eliminated

  • 20 pounds of muscle gained

Our employees thrive in spirited competitions.  This competition embodies many aspects of our company culture, including a focus on health and wellness and a continual pursuit for improvement, personally and professionally. The MAC shares these goals and is a great partner for this challenge.

Inactivity and poor eating habits have a huge impact on health and welfare. This non-discriminatory program is designed to accommodate personal fitness goals of all levels, from non-active to highly athletic. Participants found experiencing the challenge with co-workers was a powerful motivational tool that inspired lifestyle changes and excitement around wellness.

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