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Top Workplace Award!

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

According to The Baltimore Sun, Benelogic is one of the best companies to work for in the Baltimore metro area. Nearly sixteen thousand (16,000) employees from one hundred and seventeen (117) Baltimore area companies participated in a survey conducted by The Baltimore Sun in conjunction with Workplace Dynamics. Seventy-five companies, including Benelogic, were identified as stand out employers in the The Baltimore Sun Top Workplaces 2011 list.

Employees were anonymously surveyed and graded their respective companies on seven different categories: company direction, execution, career, conditions, manager, pay and benefits, and engagement. According to both The Baltimore Sun and employees, intangible benefits like a flexible work schedule, autonomy and engagement in a bigger picture are most important. Employees shared sentiments like “I love my job because I am given responsibilities that make me feel like I am a valued employee and a member of Benelogic.” and “It makes me happy and gives me fulfillment.”

This award means a great deal to us because it came from our employees.We employ passionate and creative people who make Benelogic a fun and exciting place to work. We not only challenge the status-quo in our industry, but challenge each other personally to be the best we can be. This recognition reinforces what we’ve always known - Benelogic is an exceptional place to work!

The survey results highlight pay and benefits and managers among Benelogic’s strengths. 


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