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The Unwanted Hero

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

At Benelogic, we pride ourselves on being creative problem solvers. It brings us joy to streamline processes, refine procedures, and implement time-savings efficiencies. On its surface this doesn’t sound too bad, right?

There IS a downside to our problem-solving passion.

What happens when you start solving problems no one has asked you to solve? Heck, they don’t even WANT the problem solved. What then?

To a person with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

The first issue is “the problem is in the eye of the beholder.” When we look through a filter of problem-solving, everything can start to look like a problem. In our business, there may be processes our clients have in place to suit their specific situation. From the outside, they may not make sense or there may seem “fixable.” With more than twenty years in business, we have learned that not everything IS a problem. And certainly not everyone wants them solved!

There is a risk of offending someone by offering unwelcome assistance because it can be perceived as arrogant, implying the person or the organization never took the time to look at creative solutions. In fact, often, as we dig into a situation to gain a better understanding, we find that there are not easy or obvious solutions.

Our biggest takeaway from this, and our best piece of advice to fellow problem-solving enthusiasts is, pause for a moment. Start by recognizing that not everything is a problem that has to be solved. And listen. Listen for your client to ASK for your help before you jump in and offer it.

We are always willing to help solve a problem, but we are equally committed to keeping our mouths shut until our help is requested!

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