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The Tugboat and the Ocean Liner

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Maybe It is not the most flattering comparison we could use, but Baltimore is a working harbor, so we get to watch the nimble and powerful tugboats help large ocean liners navigate the shallow and treacherous waters and it got us thinking…

Benelogic prides itself on flexibility and adaptability. Do we see our size as a detriment or deterrent? Not at all. Larger systems are harder to modify. That is a simple statement of fact. The more instances, the more users, the more exceptions, the more needs competing for attention – the harder it is to move quickly and decisively. Is it bad? Not if your needs are fully taken care of by an ocean liner style system.

However, if your business is fluid and experiences growth and change, something like the slow to react ocean liner might not meet your needs. Benelogic stays lean and nimble because we have never wanted to be a one size fits all. We use a US-based, in-house team of software developers and an AGILE software development methodology to support, maintain and modify our software. Our executive team meets weekly to discuss, design and prioritize software features and functions. We review our users’ feedback weekly to identify opportunities for improvement. It is not always software fixes either. Sometimes it is a simple explanation or a recommendation for a tweak to a specific site configuration to improve the overall user experience.

Being smaller means, we retain the ability to be close to our clients and our users. We hear their voices, we are their advocates, making sure that we never lose sight of the fact that we are here to meet THEIR needs.

This may mean adding more details around primary and contingent beneficiaries the very next day when our users communicated it confused them.

It may mean designing and implementing a custom leave tracking module to meet unique and specific needs for a large university.

It may mean participating with a federated identity provider to simplify SSO integration for clients.

It may mean diverting development resources to modify how pending supplemental life elections are stored and communicated to the vendor in real-time.

Small can be profoundly powerful. Just look at the tugboat.

Small, nimble, powerful – Benelogic.


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