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The Right Information at the Right Time

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Benelogic’s enrollment portal is customized for your company, so that your employees have the specific information they need during each step of their enrollment process. That leads to better elections and happier employees.

When you're making a decision, it’s always better to have the right information at the right time. There are too many enrollment systems that overwhelm employees with information, assuming that they understand more than they do. Enrolling in benefits is a once-a -year task for them. They don't deal with this information day in and day out. If your employee is confused by the difference between a PPO and HMO, how can they decipher a carrier's Summary of Benefits and Coverage statement?

The answer is that they probably can’t.

We have long believed that not only do employees need to be educated about their benefit offerings, it’s best to educate them in the context of their elections. Rather than hand an employee a lengthy manual that covers all benefit offerings and ask them what medical plan they want to enroll in, Benelogic’s enrollment wizard only shows them the medical plans available to them, and only the resources and decision support tools specific to that plan type. Rather than ask them to fill out a generic enrollment form, which includes options they aren’t eligible for, we make the election options specific to them.

Our benefits administration system was designed to give people the right information at the right time. We customize the experience for your employees to help them absorb information a little at time, which leads to an easier and just plain better enrollment experience.

If you want a custom enrollment experience, that helps your employees make better elections and is easy to use, contact Benelogic today.

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