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The Best Laid Plans - ACA Deadlines

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Once again the IRS issued an ACA reporting extension.  This year it impacts WHEN an employer is required to furnish the forms to employees.  The deadline has been extended from January 31, 2019 to March 4, 2019.  But here’s the kicker – employers filing paper forms with the IRS are still required to file them February 28th.  In our experience, providing the forms to employees in advance of filing with the IRS, reduces the number of errors and corrections.

ACA reporting can feel like a two-ton gorilla and nobody want that hanging on their back.  The IRS ACA deadlines have been a moving target every year. We believe the best laid plans are the ones you stick by. 

We plan and prepare for ACA season using the original deadlines set by the IRS.  Shifts in deliverable dates have an impact on internal resource allocation, operating costs, and ultimately, client costs.  If any of our clients do require additional time to prepare their data, a fee is charged solely to offset the economic impacts to the loss of processing volume.  By sticking to our original timelines we not only ensure our clients meet or exceed the IRS deadlines, they do so in an economically sustainable manner.  The best part of sticking to an initial timeline is our clients get back adding real value to their business because they get the heavy weight off their back.

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