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Supporting Our Local Community

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

The events that transpired in Baltimore this week paint a picture of city divided and teetering on total destruction. People from all walks of life are wondering what more they can do to help tackle the problems facing not only our city, but our broader community. Everyone seems paralyzed by inaction, but the reality is change is a slow process and it requires everyone’s involvement, not just the ones most directly impacted. Benelogic supports the community and always has. It’s a strong part of our culture.

Over the years we’ve provided in-kind contributions to not-for-profit organizations which positively impact our local community in a measurable fashion. Some of these organizations include Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Maryland, Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake, the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation, the Baltimore Ravens All Community Team, University of Maryland Shock Trauma, Maryland Food Bank, and many other local organizations. We’ve donated computers to Baltimore City schools who lost funding for their computer labs, provided our staff time to volunteer in local youth mentoring programs and at charity events, and created and maintained a strong internship program to identify and develop young talent.

Annually we challenge our staff to identify opportunities for individual community involvement by donating time or materials to local organizations they find meaningful. They have supported food banks, shelters, animal welfare organizations, medical research foundations, recreational programs, churches, and community associations. By encouraging our staff to support and nurture local programs and initiatives, we strive as a company and as individuals to improve the quality of life in the areas we live. Our range of involvement is a testament to our commitment to be engaged, caring citizens in our community.

At Benelogic, we will continue our outreach efforts. Every little bit helps and we encourage other businesses to adopt a similar support structure to have a positive impact in their respective communities. We constantly look for opportunities to partner with businesses and non-profit organizations that fuel the hopes and dreams of people in our broader community. We believe change occurs when a community comes together for a common cause.

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