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Retiree Billing Now Available!

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

We've added retiree billing to the list of additional services available to our benefits management and COBRA clients.

We manage the benefits eligibility for the retiree population for many of our clients.  The more time consuming and labor intensive part for our clients is the billing, collection and remittance of premiums. We have the infrastructure in place to help.

In a tight economy, companies are looking for more efficient ways to handle time-intensive, lower-value tasks. Our clients recently began inquiring about our ability to assist them in this area.  We’re always looking for ways to increase the value we bring to our clients and this is a nature service extension for Benelogic. Benelogic’s expertise is managing benefits eligibility for their wide range of clients. Their business model revolves around finding solutions to the problems associated with the management process. Retiree billing is the latest example of their desire to simplify the process for everyone.

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