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Our Employees Rallies To Support Haitian Relief Efforts

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

A core part of our culture is to embrace a work style that is, among other things, passionate and energetic.  Benelogic has long been focused on supporting the community and charitable organizations in the Mid-Atlantic region. However, following the devastating earthquakes that destroyed much of Haiti, Benelogic’s Employee Committee rallied together to raise money to support the Haitian relief efforts.

The committee exercised care in selecting the relief organization to support.  It is important to know that employee contributions are going directly to the specific cause and they understand how the money will be spent.  AmeriCares met those stringent requirements.

We are extremely proud to be part of a company in which community outreach is such an important part of the company culture.  The employees immediately united to devise a way to collect money to aid the less fortunate in Haiti.  This reaction embodies the type of individuals we are blessed to work with every day.

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