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Not All Data Files Are Created Equal

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

There are two schools of thought when it comes to sending and receiving benefits data and the difference lies in who is responsible for the doing the work.  Every system, whether it be the system used to manage employee benefits, the system that houses payroll information or the insurance carrier systems, are all different.  Each system serves its own purpose and requires specific pieces of information to work. To manage employee benefits, these systems rely on sending and receiving data to one another.  It’s important these systems have the right data at the right time so ID cards are generated quickly, claims issues can be resolved, the right payroll deductions are taken, and ultimately, employee satisfaction is maintained. But, in order to import data from one system to another, the data must be modified to fit. 

Who should be responsible for making sure the data fits?

We’ve always believed it is our responsibility.  Most benefits administration companies shift this burden to everyone else.  They export data to a file in a format that presumably everyone can use.  If any of the data elements need to be changed for use in another system, it’s either up to the client or insurance carrier to modify the data before they can import it into their system or pay an additional fee for a file that meets the requirements of the other system.  This means the client and insurance carriers must have the talent, resources, and availability of staff to do this work.  While this one-size-fits all approach works for some companies, we’ve always believed it is our responsibility to tailor fit our import and export processes to meet the requirements of your systems, not vice versa.

Our approach is unique.  We have the largest carrier lists in the industry with hundreds of established vendor data transmissions. In 20 years of business, no carrier approached by us for data exchange has ever turned us down. When you hire us, it is our responsibility to make sending and receiving data as easy as possible. 

If your company is plagued by the one-size-fits-(some) approach, contact us.

We do it right the first time, guaranteed.

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