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Network Security - Protecting Data In Motion

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Networks connect us with people and information and allow us to share resources.  In the computing world, communications or connections can be physical or wireless.  Examples include websites and mobile applications, files being downloaded/synced/transferred, emails and chats, and printer and scanners.  As data flows from one end point to another, it can be vulnerable and at risk for exposure through malicious and unintentional means.  Network security, the topic of this week’s blog, is what is done to protect the information and resources while they’re being shared.  Companies in certain fields, such as healthcare, banking, and finance are subject to regulatory guidelines that dictate the standards and security requirements for handling sensitive data while in use.  The science behind what it takes to protect data as it’s moving is complex.  At a high level, the key to network security revolves around using the latest and greatest encryption methods and as well as employing strong user authentication practices.  Together these can:

  • Prove the identity of the platforms and people prior to and during the exchange of information

  • Ensure only the intended recipient can receive, read, and process the shared information

  • Provide strong confidence that the data was not altered or augmented while in transit

If the information being shared is valuable, it’s important to protect it.  Encryption and strong user authentication can eliminate many common security vulnerabilities while data is in motion.

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