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Making Benefits Easier with SSO

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

In a world of increased remote work, and subsequent password fatigue, a Single Sign-On authentication mechanism can be a real boon for your employees’ remote productivity. Single Sign-On or (SSO) is technology that allows a user to log in once with a single ID and password and then have access to several related, yet independent, software systems.


Allowing your employees to sign on once to have access to their email, calendar, team collaboration hub, and yes–even their benefits enrollment portal can be a real time saver for them, while providing a powerful level of security and control for your IT department. 

Benelogic’s employee benefits enrollment system is fully compatible with your SSO solution. And that’s not all. It is also flexible. Do you have some employees that have access to SSO while a portion of your employee population does not? Or maybe your company just acquired a new business that hasn’t been incorporated in to your SSO system yet. Not a problem!  

We can set up a partial SSO configuration that allows your connected employees to access their benefits or enrollment portal through their single sign-on system, while your non-connected employees can gain access to their benefits and enrollment portal via a traditional username and password configuration. Benelogic provides you maximum flexibility so that your workforce has easy access to the things that matter most, regardless of their individual set up. 

Benelogic has been expertly providing SSO integrated services to our clients since 2002. We are also a sponsored partner with the InCommon Federation

Contact Benelogic today to discuss how our services will fit seamlessly into your SSO environment. 

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