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Make ACA compliance a Snap!

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Whether you’re currently a Benelogic client or not, we can make meeting the Affordable Care Act federal reporting requirements a snap.

Contact Benelogic today to find out how.  

There is no arguing that the last few years have been like a daytime soap opera for the Affordable Care Act. Extended filing deadlines, uncertain penalties, late finalization of file requirements - add to that the challenges of a global pandemic and you may find that you are less than prepared for this year’s looming ACA deadlines. 

Constant changes aside, the ACA still mandates that employers who provide health coverage to their employees are subject to annual reporting to the IRS. That has not changed. You must also comply with added rules depending on the number of full-time equivalents (FTE) during the current year. 

Efficiency and accuracy are key because mistakes or errors in calculating the number of FTEs, or failure to correct forms by the deadline, could result in fines. This is where working with Benelogic makes so much sense. We will take over your ACA reporting and make it a drama-free process. 

To learn more about Benelogic’s ACA services contact us today.

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