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Is Your ACA Fulfillment Vendor HIPAA Compliant?

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

There are many important considerations to sift through when picking an ACA support vendor. Making sure your employees receive the completed IRS forms in a timely fashion is surely on your list, but probably isn’t towards the top. It should be higher up than you think.

Everyone is concerned about knitting the various data sources together to ensure IRS compliance. Few have thought through the importance of what happens to data when it is ready to be reported on. The HIPAA Privacy Act regulates the use and disclosure of Personal Heath Information (PHI). Some of the data elements that fall under PHI include name, address, gender, age, insurance status – all of which are required for the completion and distribution of ACA IRS forms. Whether your ACA support vendor outsources the fulfillment piece to a third party or handles it themselves in-house, it’s essential to know the standards are in place to safeguard these important pieces of employee information. Without proper protection in place, you could be opening your company up to a new set of unexpected compliance issues.

If you’re still in the market for an ACA support vendor, add fulfillment HIPAA compliance to your list of considerations. Better yet, contact us. Our fulfillment services are HIPAA compliant so you have one less things to worry about.

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