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Introducing Our ACA Administration And Support Services

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Long before the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA or ACA) was ever conceived, many of the tools now necessary to assist employers with managing the complex provisions of the Healthcare Reform were fundamental features of their Benelogic Manage™ and Benelogic Control™ products. Since the inception of the ACA, we've been working directly with our clients to understand what additional services they need to comply with the significant IRS filing requirements. But our clients are not alone. The larger employer benefits community is struggling with the same issues. To ease the administrative burden associated with the ACA, we are offering a number of different service options to their clients and marketplace at large.

While Benelogic’s ACA Services compliment the tools already in place for our benefits management clients, they also offer practical solutions available for any employer to use. The à la carte service model allows employers to pick and choose the services they need. For example, some employers, especially those with HRIS and payroll systems, have the details and tracking tools necessary for managing the complex provisions of the ACA, but have their data housed in disparate systems. One of our ACA Service options offers employers a way to consolidate and report the required information directly into the IRS forms.

Other employers are grappling with how to comply with the federally-enforced eligibility requirements for variable hour employees. Many don’t have the tools necessary to track and calculate the complex look-back measurements on anything other a spreadsheet. This is an unreliable practice at best and exposes employers to a huge compliance risk. For these employers, Benelogic offers a place to store, track and report on this otherwise overwhelming data requirement.

Still other employers are looking for a service that allows them to take a hands-off approach to tracking and reporting on the nuances of the law. For these employers, Benelogic offers a full ACA management service.

The biggest difference in today’s Human Resources landscape is that benefits management now includes healthcare reform administration.  Managing data, including the new elements introduced by the Affordable Care Act, is our area of expertise. Our ACA Service is a natural extension of what we already do and we’re really excited to bring our value to the marketplace.

With harsh IRS penalties on the horizon, it’s imperative organizations have a strong strategy in place to track and report on the required details. Whether the goal is to integrate benefits management with ACA administration or simply get assistance meeting the IRS filing requirements, our range of ACA Service options can help you ensure your company is in compliance.

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