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Holiday Season(ing)

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Marylanders take a lot of pride in their state.  Being a Maryland born and bred company, that includes us.  For the past several years we’ve used the holiday season to tip a cap to our state by sending out holiday greeting that ties back to our home.  One year we spelled out “Happy Holidays” using pictures of letters from monuments, historic structures, and brands from various places around Baltimore.  Another year we used a blue crab as the imagery for our greeting.  Another year we used an iconic Baltimore landmarks as the background.  This year we decided to tout something that runs through blood – Old Bay to commemorate this holiday season(ing).

If you’re not familiar with Old Bay, it’s THE spice for steamed blue crabs.  Marylanders are obsessed with the seasoning and put it on everything.  From crabs to ice cream, beer, potato chips, chocolate, popcorn, deviled eggs, Bloody Mary’s, corn on the cob, to soup, nothing is too odd or ordinary for Old Bay.  As a way of spreading our (Maryland) cheer this year, we offered our contacts a sample of Old Bay. 

While it may seem like an odd gesture, we want everyone to celebrate the wonderful things in life – including the taste of the Chesapeake.


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