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Get Fit Challenge

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

One of the hallmarks of Benelogic, an online benefits management company, is its staff. “Bright”, “passionate”, “dedicated”, and “always up for a challenge” are some of often-used phrases to describe the people who work here. It comes as no surprise when Benelogic staff presented the opportunity to compete against one another in the six week Corporate Fit Challenge, sponsored by a local health club, nearly half the employees signed up.

Benelogic has a long standing corporate relationship with health clubs, offering a subsidized gym membership to employees in support of Benelogic’s benefit strategy which includes: promoting individual health knowledge, encouraging changes in unhealthy lifestyles and improving employee's over-all well-being. The Corporate Fit Challenge ties perfectly into these goals.

Throughout the six week program, participating employees receive individual health assessments, have access to personal coaches, are exposed to new and different workouts and have fun while trying to achieve their personal goals. Part of the program involves splitting the staff into two teams. For a group who loves a challenge, the structure of this program helps inspire changes in lifestyles as well as teamwork.

In our business, we’re always looking for new, different and better ways to do things for our clients. The Corporate Fit Challenge applies that same thinking to our staff.  This program not only aligns with our corporate benefit strategy, it helps build camaraderie among staff, which is important in any work environment.

The Corporate Fit Challenge is designed to provide employees the tools, resources and motivation necessary to not only complete their challenge, but apply what they learn in their lives going forward.  Although the competition has just begun, the participants of Benelogic’s Corporate Fit Challenge are eager to achieve their goals and just as eager to win bragging rights for their team.


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