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Eyes, Ears, and Feet for Remote Employees

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Hiring a new employee can be very expensive and risky. In addition to the cost of the recruitment, there is an investment in training and an uncertainty about whether they are a good fit to the company culture. So what do you do when a highly valued employee moves to a faraway state? Immediately start the recruitment process or come up with a creative way to retain the employee and keep their productivity high? To be most effective, this particular position required a physical office presence or a more robust connectivity tool than traditional videoconferencing offers. Our founder and Chief Executive Officer, Matthew Oros, a technology savant with an uncanny ability for finding new and inventive solutions, quickly found the solution – “Double”. Double, by Double Robotics, looks like a Segway with an iPad braced to the top. The remote employee navigates Double using an app to control travel around the office. The iPad uses its built in front-facing camera to allow face-to-face interaction with any employee at any time. The technology available today allows us to be more flexible with our employees who require remote access. Double gives our telecommuting population eyes, ears and feet on the ground. That is essential for certain employees to be successful while working remotely. We routinely investigate new and emerging technologies. Not all new tools are equal but those that allow people to better interact, be more efficient and save the company money are certainly worth exploring. This out-of-the-box solution for telecommunicating embraces that forward thinking mentality which shapes and inspires our success since inception.

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