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Data Protection - A Primer

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Protecting data – whether it is company information, customer information, or your own personal information on a home computer or device - is serious business.  After all, if a company’s trade secrets, client data, or your personal information were exposed, it could have devastating consequences.  Protecting data is not a one-time process.  It requires an ongoing effort.  Many companies employ teams of IT security professionals to handle this job.  They’re tasked with building the strongest possible perimeter around a company’s castle of information and maintaining an army to protect against intruders. In theory, this sounds simple.  The reality is it’s pretty complex.  As a technology company associated with the healthcare industry, protecting our client data is the MOST important thing we do.  We believe that knowledge is power.  When people learn more about data security and what it takes to protect data, they’ll do a better job safeguarding their own data – company and personal. Over the course of the next few weeks we will introduce topics related to data security and share some best practices.  Our goal is to make the information consumable, so you are well-informed and sound like a data security guru.  Before we jump into best practices for protecting data, we think we need to start from the beginning. Stay tuned for next week when we break down what data is, how it’s stored and why it matters.

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