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Connecting Local Schools With Technology

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Today we donated thirty-two (32) computers to two local schools – Federal Hill Preparatory School and Francis Scott Keys Middle School, both located in Baltimore City. The computers will serve as replacements for ones lost as during Title I cutbacks.

We first began donating computers to local schools in 2005. Then Baltimore Raven Adalius Thomas reached out to our CEO, Matthew Oros, about sponsoring a golf tournament to raise funds for Johnnycake Elementary School (Catonsville, MD) who had lost funding for their computer lab. In addition to sponsoring the tournament.  We donated twenty-five (25) computers that were being phased out from corporate use. It's standard practice for us as a technology company to replace our computers every few years with newer technology.  Finding organizations that can benefit from our computers is win-win for everyone involved. We’re always looking for creative ways to support our local community and they’re looking for ways to maintain a presence of technology based educational tools, which funding sometimes can’t support. We’re thrilled both Federal Hill Preparatory School and Francis Scott Keys Middle School can benefit this time around.

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