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Celebrating the Olympic Spirit with "BenOlympics"

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

We just held our third “BenOlympics” in celebration of the 2012 Summer Games and the Olympic spirit.

Our employees gathered at Oregon Ridge Park in beautiful Baltimore County to compete in tests of athletic and intellectual prowess. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and got into the competition.  It’s not every day you see your coworkers with Oreo cookies on their foreheads and stockings over their eyes. Our “work hard, play hard” attitude is one of the things our employees like most about working at Benelogic. Whether we’re in the office or out at a park, we all enjoy a good challenge.

The BenOlympics is just one of many events Benelogic employees enjoy participating in throughout the year. Benelogic employees are now looking forward to the 2012 fantasy football competition and the winter bowling league.


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