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Benelogic is Your Partner for Constant Improvement

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Did you know that Benelogic performs regular proactive internal client site reviews?    

That’s right! We review your portal multiple times a year looking for opportunities to improve what already works and ensure your enrollment processes are as easy and efficient as possible. We want every client to benefit from the latest features, the best practices, and the simplest solutions. 

Most clients only have time to review their enrollment site in preparation for open enrollment.  It’s such a crazy time of year that you’re only checking the big stuff. Are the rates correct?  Is the benefit guide updated? Are the instructions to the employees accurate? 

This is all important stuff.  But the back-end processes, the “we’ll do it later” items that never get done, add value too.   

For example, just because there wasn’t time to implement single sign on (SSO) for open enrollment doesn’t mean we can’t get it in place as soon as your schedule allows.  Other clients may have approaches or perspectives that will help your site and administration go more smoothly.  We want to fill this gap for you.  This is one more way that the team at Benelogic is looking out for you.  We are always looking for ways to make you a hero to your organization.   

If you want a benefits administration company who wants you to succeed at managing employee benefits and streamlining your processes, contact us.  We’re more than just a vendor.  We’re your partner.  We’re Benelogic. 

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