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Teleworking + Home Schooling = The New Norm

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Welcome to the new norm. After just day one of home schooling, I declared the next day a Professional Development day and gave my two boys a day off. 

To be completely honest I was not prepared for my new job as an educator.  I was totally overwhelmed and needed to regroup to come to grips with our new norm.

I spent a few hours that night scouring the internet for educational resources to help me out.  Fortunately, I found tons of free materials in all subjects for all grade levels and interests.  From these I created a home school schedule to try and keep us all sane. 

Here are a few things that have been very helpful and my boys have enjoyed.

  1. Normally a paid subscription but currently free.  Scroll down and select the appropriate grade level first. 

  2. Normally a paid subscription but currently free. 

  3. Normally a paid subscription but currently free.  Once you choose a grade level, you will see different subjects with TONS of links for each.  By clicking on Skills Plans, I was actually able to find their math books which gave me access to more problems than their teacher had posted online from other chapters.   The boys are using this to learn Spanish right now😊 

  4. Oaks Farm Alpacas  FREE!  If you have a Facebook account, this farm did a live video stream earlier all about their alpacas.  It’s now available in their videos…cute (if you like alpacas) and educational😊 

  5. FREE! If you have a child who likes to draw or wants to learn how to draw, use these videos to teach you step-by-step.  There are so many things to draw! I have even drawn things I never thought I could using these videos!    

Hope this helps!  If anyone finds anything else interesting and/or useful, please share! 

P.S. Thanks to Lisa Pratt, Benelogic’s Director of Client Operations for generously allowing us to publish this! She originally emailed this our staff, to help us get a head start as we have all shifted to telework. But, we thought that our friends and clients (both current and prospective) might find it useful as well. Thank you, Lisa! 

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