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We Celebrate St. Patrick's Day by Going Green

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

While most people celebrate St. Patrick's Day with green spirits and shamrock themed attire, we decided not only to dress in green, but to 'Go Green'.  Since our inception, we've pushed the envelope by converting outdated paper-based benefits enrollment and communication practices to electronic, reducing financial and environmental waste.  So when a group of our employees presented the idea to take the green theme of St. Patrick's Day one step further by challenging each other to incorporating more environmentally sustainable practices in their personal daily routines, the tie to the corporate business model was obvious and the idea was welcomed with open arms.

Benelogic's green approach to business benefits not only the environment, but their clients and their own business.  For example, in 2004 when a second computer monitor was added to every work station, the amount of paper required for employees to do their work efficiently dramatically decreased, productivity increased, and client sensitive information was better protected.  Over the years, we have incorporated numerous environmentally friendly practices into their daily business by simply doing business smarter.  

Benelogic's St. Patrick's Day celebration mirrors the same mentality, with the goal of encouraging one another to do more with less.  Electronic communication was disseminated to the staff offering practical and useful tips for reducing environmental waste in daily tasks.  Fun activities and edible give-aways all contained important and powerful environmental messages.  For a company with a business model that revolves around efficiency and the elimination of waste, Benelogic recognizes that change must occur on every level, not just the corporate level.

The growing demand for companies to go green is more than a practical and powerful way to help sustain the environment.  In today's business world it's essential to be more resourceful and eliminate waste.

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